Ervin Nyiregyhazi

Stefan Abels, Piano


Audio on Youtube: The recordings of this concert (1972 San Francisco) are legendary. Recorded by someone in the audience, hence the poor sound quality.  Franz Liszt, Legend 1, Legend 2


For his biography see the excellent Kevin Bazzana, The Lost Genius (2008)


Scores (Scans)

Grand Sonate Heroique (1917)

Tonal Drama 1 (1938)

A Soldier of Fortune (1939)


Scores (edited by Stefan Abels)

Richard Wagner – Venezia (1983)

Andante Ethereal (1985)

Hopeless Vista (1986)

Andante Febr. 23 (1985)

Untitled Piece („Slow, heavy) (1985)

Nearing the End (1986)

100 years ago Liszt died (1986)

In Memoriam Liberace (1987)


Carl Fischer Nyiregyhazi Piano Collection

Edition: Carl Fischer Music (2019)
ISBN-10: 1491156090
ISBN-13: 978-1491156094